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        YS-ZB-5AB Shrink Wrapper Machine (Side Sealing Automatic)
        Model Shrink wrapper machine (YS-ZB-5AB) Shrink Tunnel (FT4020)
        Power supply 220V/50Hz 6A 3KW 1P 380V/50Hz 32A 7kw
        Compressed air 0.5 MPa~0.7MPa
        Packing speed 0-35 package /min
        Convey speed 25m/min
        Box range L50~∞*W50-370*H5-140mm Entrance size of Tunnel W400mm*H200mm
        Working plate height 800mm (customer made)
        Sealing knife material Stainless steel,spray Teflon;
        Sealing temperature 180-230℃(Sealing time<1s/cycle)
        Film size calculation Film?width=W+H+120?(Max.550mm)?when?box?H>80mm Film?width=W+H+100(Max.550mm)??when?box?H<80mm
        Film parameters

        Material: POF for PE film

        Max roller DIA:300mm, thickness;0.015-0.019㎜

        Film lateral contraction ratio;60%

        Film vertical contraction ratio;60%

        Machine dimensions L1800×W1000×H1520mm L1500mm*W800mm*H1500mm
        Machine weight 500kg 150kg
        Electrical configuration

        PLC Controller:YOUNGSUN Touch screen”YOUNGSUN


        Proximity switch:“P+F”



        Time relay:France“Schneider”

        Micro switch; Sick

        Temperature controller; GONGBAO

        Optional: Conveyor belt chain roller conveyor belt、Fiber mesh belt、Stainless steel mesh belt etc.
        Shrinking machine, also known as shrink machine, shrink packaging machine, is one of the market that relatively advanced packaging methods. Wrapped in shrink film outside the product or packaging, shrink film after heating to bind tightly to the product or packaging, it shows the appearance of goods, improve product exhibition, increased sense of beauty and value.
        Machine feature:
        Machine can run random products of infinite length.
        Sealing line can be adjusted in the middle of the product.
        Touch screen with set-up product memory and machine diagnostics.
        Parts and tool which are delivered with machine
        NO. Specification Code Qty
        1 High temperature tape -- 1 pcs
        2 Air spring -- 1 pcs
        3 Tension spring -- 1 pcs
        4 Heating tube -- 2 pcs
        5 Black silicone -- 1pcs
        Recommend purchasing accessories
        No. Name Model Qty
        1 Black silicone -- 1
        2 Cylinder AND-40*40-P-V-P or SC40-40-S 1
        3 Air spring -- 1
        4 Cutter -- 1
        5 Thermocouple -- 1
        6 Heating tube Φ8 1.2kW 1
        7 Press film wheel ZBN-06-21 1
        8 High temperature tape -- 1
        9 Roller of tunnel with rubber    
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